Arigna was the terminus of the Cavan & Leitrim branch line from Ballinamore, which was largely a roadside tramway. The station was some distance from the village of Arigna, and was sited on the R285 road. The single storey concrete station building at Argina was built in 1925 to replace an earlier wooden structure dating from the opening in 1888. The station had a run-round loop, siding and goods store. The C&L line survived until 1959, mainly because of the coal deposits found at the Arigna mines. In 1920, the line was extended to Derreenavoggy to serve the coal mines, this line left the station and crossed the R285 road.

Today, the station at Arigna is derelict, and the railway side is completely overgrown. One of the level crossing gate posts on the R285 road survive and the trackbed to the mine is now a pathway. The mines at Arigna ceased operation in 1990, and today they are tourist attraction that is well worth a visit. See the Arigna Mining Experience.
The single storey station building at Arigna, as viewed from the road side. Another view of Arigna viewed from the road. The railway side of the station is heavilly overgrown. The station has not seen a passenger since 1959. This is the site of the level crossing located adjacent to Arigna Station. A line built in 1920 led from the station up to the Arigna mines. The site of the level crossing from the Arigna mines side. Known as the 'Arigna Mine Extension', it remained in use until closure of the Cavan & Leitrim system in 1959.
This is one of the original level crossing posts opposite Arigna Station on the 1920 built mine extension. Another view of the former level crossing site at Arigna on the R285 road. The station building is visible in the left background. This is the trackbed of the Arigna Mines Extension at Derreenavoggy, looking towards the mine itself. Inside the Arigna mines now. Here we see 2/3 ft tracks in the mine, with the wagons that were loaded with coal, once hauled by a chain mechanism out of the tunnel. The mine remined in use until 1990.
This is the spectacular view from the Arigna Mines looking across the Leitrim countryside, which features lots of lakes and drumlins.