Achill, Co.Mayo, is the terminus of the well know line from Westport, built by the Midland Great Western Railway in 1894/5 to promote the poor areas west of Westport town. Never a prosperous line, it suffered from road competition from 1930 onwards. It closed in 1937 and the last train ran on the 1st October of that year to remove the remaining wagons. The line was lifted the following year.

Most of the station buildings at Achill survive, these been the main buildings, platform, goods shed and water tower. On inquiring to photograph the station I was rather abruptly turned away, which I thought was quite strange for station so prominent on the approach to Achill Island, a popular tourist area in Ireland. So unfortunately the only photos I could get were from the road.
The single platform station at Achil has a large station building, opposite which is the former goods platform and shed. As mentioned in the description it was not possible to obtain closer photos of Achill Station. At the time of opening the station area was a large as Achill village itself. The railway never actually reached Ireland's largest island; it terminated adjacent to the connection road bridge which leads into Achill village itself, visible on the right.