Adrahan, Co.Galway, is located on the 1869 built Waterford Limerick & Western's Limerick to Athenry line. Adrahan Station had a single platform, single storey stone built station building and small goods shed. The station closed to passengers when the Limerick to Claremorris passenger service ceased in 1976, but remained open for excursion and freight traffic until end of the 1990s. The section between Limerick to Athenry re-opened to passenger services between Limerick and Galway in March 2010, and Ardrahan now has a new single platform station and car park located to the south of the original which is now a private residence.
Adrahan Station looking south towards Limerick, showing the remains of the single platform. The single storey station building and small goods store at Ardrahan, dating from the 1860s. As can be seen, the buildings were constructed using large stone blocks. The stone built goods shed at Ardrahan Station remains, and is typical of the small types built on the Limerick-Athenry line Looking north from Adrahan Station towards Athenry, showing the whistle board sign and automatic level crossing in the distance.
The de-activated two aspect colour light signal that protected Ardrahan level crossing. Stop board signs, illuminated by a lamp were placed on the approach to level crossings on the WRC during the rebuilding of the line. The renewed overbridge which crosses the access road to Adrahan Station, looking north to Athenry. Originally this was the main road, but was re-aligned via the level crossing in the early 1970s. This is Adrahan automatic half barrier level crossing, just north of the station on the N18 road looking towards Athenry. The automatic crossing was installed here on the re-aligned road in the early 1970s. One of the typical narrow stone road overbridges at the ballast loading point at Ardahan. This view is looking north towards Athenry.
The two aspect distant signal for Adrahan level crossing on the N18 road, complete with its adjacent electric box. To the right are the recently removed jointed track with wooden sleepers. This is the site of the new Ardrahan Station, though before any major building had begun. It is located between the road bridge and the old station. With the old goods shed visible in the background, work on the platform foundations has just begun at the new Ardrahan Station. This was original the site of a goods loading bank, latterly used for loading suger beet until the late 1970s. The new single platform station at Ardrahan, as viewed from the large carpark.
071 Class locomotive complete with Irish Railway Record Society headboard, is seen called at Ardrahan Station on a special. The single platform station at Ardrahan, looking south towards Limerick. In the foreground is one of the train service displays. Typical of the modern but small Irish Rail stations, Ardrahan only has a ticket machine and small plastic bus style shelter.