Kilmainham Wood

Kilmainham Wood Station, Co.Meath, is a small wayside station on the currently disused Navan to Kingscourt branch, opened in 1872 as far as Kilmainham Wood in 1872, and to Kingscourt in 1875. Built by an independent company it was largely operated by the Midland Great Western Railway. Passenger services on the Kingscourt branch ceased in 1947, but the line remained in use for gypsum traffic right up until 2001, when that traffic transferred to road. The last train to Kingscourt was the weed sprayer in 2002, and today the line is disconnected beyond Navan at Tara Junction. The station at Kimainham Wood had just one platform, small single storey brick station building and stone built goods store, located on the up and down side respectively. The station, now private residence, is located on a minor road off the R162.