Balbriggan, north Co.Dublin, is located on the main Dublin to Belfast line. The Dublin & Drogheda railway opened the station at Balbriggan with its line to Drogheda in 1844. The station has up & down platforms, with the original brick built D&DR station building on the down side. Opposite this is the typical Great Northern style station masters house, built sometime after the 1870s. A new modern style IE footbridge was built at the north end of the station recently. The signal cabin, a typical GNR design, was located north of the station on the up side beyond the former goods yard, the cabin was taken out of use in 1994, and was unfortunately demolished in 1998. The small goods shed remains in situ. The station also once boasted two small water towers on the down platform, but these have long since been demolished. At the south end of the station the line crosses the small harbour on a stone viaduct. The station is exclusively served by Drogheda commuter trains.