Broadstone Station, located within north west Dublin City was the location of the Midland Great Western Railway headquarters and was their main ine terminus in Dublin. The station however was sited on a rather isolated area from the city centre and in 1934 the then Great Southern Railway transferred all Galway, Mayo and Sligo services to Westland Row station, now Pearse, on the south side of the city.
Broadstone motive power depot continued to be used until the end of steam traction on CIE in 1965. By 1967 only a derelict single line to Broadstone remained for the sporadic oil train to service then then already established bus depot, which still occupies the site today. Until the mid 1930s Broadstone Station was also served by the branch off the Royal Canal, which featured an aqueduct across the Phibsborough Rd, as well as a small harbour adjacent to the station site, now long since filled in.