Barrack Street

Barrack Street was once the location of a large goods yard located on the east side of the Co.Louth town of Dundalk. The yard at Barrack St was built in the 1860s by the Dundalk & Enniskillen Railway, later expanded by the Irish North Western Railway, before finally becoming part of the Great Northern in 1876. The branch to Barrack St was accessed from the Enniskillen line which crossed the Dublin to Belfast railway on the Square Crossing. There was also a direct connection from the mainline at Dundalk South Jct to the Barrack St branch which converged with the Enniskillen line at 'Dundalk East Junction'. The line to Barrack St actually continued beyond the yard to reach the Dundalk & Greenore Railway station at Quay Street which was served by trains operating from Greenore Port to the GNR's station in Dundalk. The GNR, who had taken over the D&GR, withdrew the passenger services to Greenore in 1951, but the short section from Barrack St yard to Dundalk remained in use for goods traffic.

In the 1970s Barrack St developed into a freight yard which included the acquisition of a container gantry. The freight yard finally closed in 1995, with freight traffic moving to a newer yard nearer to Dundalk Station. The branch was lifted in 1996 and the site of the yard at Barrack St has since become part of Dundalk's town civic centre. Only one of the two large stone built railway goods sheds remain, along with a nearby buffer stop.