Bundoran Junction

Bundoran Junction, the well known junction for the seaside town on the ex Great Northern Railway's Irish Northwest line located between Enniskillen and Omagh, opened in 1854, but was unfortunately closed in 1957. Bundoran Jct was a triangular one; the station building was located in the centre of the southern 'v', flanked by platforms on each line.

The station building has survived and retains its glass refreshment room. All the three platforms remain, the Bundoran branch platform being that to the west of the building, though they have been filled in. On the Enniskillen platform is the roof of the waiting shelter. The remains of the two of the three signal cabins at the junction also survive. Bundoran Junction West signal cabin once controlled the Bundoran branch itself on the approach to the junction, but sadly today only the base of this signal cabin remains. There are however more unusual items still to be found at the station.